How to Achieve a 30 – 45 Day Closing Timeframe

Our commercial loans can close in as little as 30 – 45 days. We have developed a streamlined process whereby during the initial intake of your loan, prior to you loan being submitted to processing and during your loan application we recommend that the borrower start gathering 99% of all the documentation that would be requested from processing and underwriting (Your Account Executive will send you a list of what is needed) so that when you application is complete and the loan goes into processing you will have 99% of everything they need and then your loan only spends a few days to a week in processing then when the loan is shipped to underwriting you are there for a minimal time as well. Being steps ahead of the game ensures that our borrowers spend minimal time in the loan process so they can close their loan in an efficient and timely manner.

Can situations arise that will add to the time in the loan process? Yes they can. Some of the situations are the appraisal or environmental or documentation etc coming in with challenges to resolve and these challenges can add time on to your loan while it is in the process however the good news is we have underwriters that are solution minded and focus on finding solutions to challenges that can arise in loans files and this is due to the vast experience our team members have in this industry. You are assured that your loan will be in any phase of the loan process in the absolute minimal time that it can be. Our target turn around time is 30 – 34 days using team work, all of us working together makes it happen.