Download Underwriting File, Start Gathering Your Documents ASAP

Want your loan closed in a minimal amount of time? Then download the document package that processing and underwriting will use and start gathering your documents so that when your loan is ready to submit you won’t waste any time at all looking for documents then sending them in, this can save you weeks of processing and underwriting time.

The usual way of underwriting a loan with most companies is your submit your loan to processing and then they send you a document list, then you spend time gathering those documents and before you know it a week or so has gone by. By gathering all of your documents at the beginning of the loan process and submitting them when the file is submitted to processing then your loan might only be there a few days versus a few weeks, then it comes out of processing and goes into underwriting and because you have all the documents in that the underwriter needs it is there for a minimal amount of time as well. Really all you are waiting for is for your 3rd party reports to come back instead of waiting for those 3rd party reports and your documents. Everything that could be done to ensure your loan gets thru the system in a timely and efficient manner should be done. Click on the link and down load you documents now and start putting everything together. Start by reading the Welcome Letter in the safe zip file that you will download, the Welcome Letter will explain all you need to know and do. Thank you.

There are TWO different document packages, one is for the FULL document loan and the second one is for the Stated No-Doc loan. Make sure you download the right file. If you are not sure ask your Account Executive.

Full Document list Zip File Download Link.