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Download Underwriting File, Start Gathering Your Documents ASAP

Want your loan closed in a minimal amount of time? Then download the document package that processing and underwriting will use and start gathering your documents so that when your loan is ready to submit you won't waste any time at all looking for documents then sending them in, this can save you weeks of processing and underwriting time. The usual way of underwriting a loan with most companies is your submit your loan to processing and then they send you...

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Expectations: What Can I Expect After My Loan Is Submitted?

When your loan is submitted our goal is to get your loan thru the process as quick as possible. The process contains 5 steps to close and here is what you can expect in each of these process's. These steps are: Loan submission. This is where you work with your Account Executive (AE) to configure a loan program that works for your needs. During the loan submission process your AE will work with you in filling out a lan submission...

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How to Achieve a 30 – 45 Day Closing Timeframe

Our commercial loans can close in as little as 30 – 45 days. We have developed a streamlined process whereby during the initial intake of your loan, prior to you loan being submitted to processing and during your loan application we recommend that the borrower start gathering 99% of all the documentation that would be requested from processing and underwriting (Your Account Executive will send you a list of what is needed) so that when you application is complete and the...

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