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About Our Company Direct Lender

Premier CRE Lending is comprised of a team of dedicated lending professionals who’s sole goal and focus is to work with our clients in an expedient and professional manner to close their real estate loan in a timely fashion. Premier CRE Lending brings the ability and wherewithal to provide great lending products and services on a national basis.

Premier CRE Lending uses the latest Cloud technology to help streamline your loan process. With our innovative, standardized, commercial lending platform with a dedicated team of seasoned commercial mortgage professionals Premier CRE Lending provides a smooth and seamless customer experience from your initial loan needs review through closing.

Premier CRE lending lends our own capital or other funds capital as a correspondent or syndication lender or we can syndicate capital with other lenders. The benefits to our clients are lower rates, lower fees and quicker closing times.

Our Staff is Divided Up Into Teams To Support Each Stage of The Lending Process

Our process is a vital component of providing excellent customer service. In striving for excellence in customer service our company has several teams to support our lending effort and your loan will go thru these support teams to expedite your funding request. These seven teams are:

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Loan Origination & Submission

  • Origination:Our Account Executive (AE) works with you to put together a loan product that works for you and your project. Your AE is your anchor thru the process we have set up for you. You AE will coordinate with you and keep you abrupt of everything along the way.
  • Loan Submission:Our submission team works with the AE to ensure that all pre-submission documents are prepared and communicated with the client so that the loan can achieve a 2 – 3 week closing time frame on No Doc Stated and hard Money Loans and achieve a 30 – 45 day closing time on all other loans.

Loan Processing & Underwriting

  • Processing: Our processing team works with the AE and client in gather the right documents for the type of loan the client has and prepares a file for underwriting.
  • Underwriting: Once the file is processed it is forwarded on to the underwriting team for final review. Our underwriters are solution minded and work diligently with all parties to overcome challenges that can arise in loan files to find solutions.
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Funding, Closing & Capital Markets

  • Funding: Once your loan has completed underwriting review the file is then sent to our funding department to ready the file for closing. This department works with our parent public company and capital markets on capital allocations for your loan.
  • Closing:Our closing team works on coordinating the closing of the loan with various legal departments as well as works with our Funding and Capitak markets teams.
  • Capital Markets:Our capital markets team works with our parent company which is a publicly traded company along with various funds etc that we work with on capital allocation, pricing and funding of loans.

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